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Garage door springs are the building blocks of modern civilization. Without garage door springs:

  • Your door would be so heavy to lift that there would be more chiropractor clinics than cell phone shops.
  • Your garage door would be nothing more than a 200-lb. guillotine sitting on your driveway.
  • You would hardly ever leave the house – and your in-laws would drop by whenever they felt like it.

Garage Door Spring RepairsAnd, worst of all, there would be no Evergreen Garage Door Springs. Here at Evergreen Garage Door Springs we appreciate how important the lowly garage door spring is – in the larger scheme of things. The springs are the real “brains” of the operation. They do 90% of the heavy lifting. In other words, your 200-lb. garage door feels like 20 lbs. when the garage door springs have your back – literally!

A flying garage door spring can take out an entire village!

A garage door has several moving components that need to be operating as an entire system in order for the door to work properly.

It’s kind of like how a reputable business needs to operate – like a well-oiled machine. One of the best garage door inventions is the automatic garage door opener. (The second best modern-day invention is Evergreen Garage Door Springs because we keep your garage door moving smoothly for decades.)

When one of your garage door springs pops, you’ll know it. If you’re home when the thing goes, you’ll hear a tremendous ricochet sound that startles like a gunshot. Even if you don’t hear your spring pop, you’ll know it’s gone because your garage door won’t budge.

Evergreen Garage Door Springs can save the day for you!

But there are steps you can take to prevent the dreaded garage door spring POP.

  1. Inspect your garage door system once or twice a year to look for weaknesses and fatigued parts.
  2. Listen for signs of trouble, such as creaking, screeching or metal-on-metal grinding.
  3. Hire Evergreen Garage Door Springs for all your garage spring installation, replacement and servicing needs.

Of all the parts that make up your garage, the spring is by far the most important. We can’t stress that enough. The spring is king. Although most homeowners have only consternation and contempt for their broken garage spring, we know better.

We love garage door springs- Especially yours!

We fix your garage door springs Evergreen COThe pros at Evergreen Garage Door Springs want to point out that the brave garage door spring takes it on the chin for the whole system. Your garage door spring is like the “fuse” of your system. When the pressure builds up in the cables, pulleys and tracks – something’s gotta give! Thankfully, it’s the garage door spring, which absorbs all the energy that would otherwise turn your cables into bullwhips of death. Instead of destroying your car and everything in your garage, a systemic failure is buffered by the springs, and everyone lives happily ever after. But you have to call Evergreen Garage Door Springs right away, or all bets are off. Even the best garage door repair service in the land is no help to you if you don’t call them in time.

Don’t wait too late – call Evergreen Garage Door Springs now!

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